The best platforms for free images for websites

platforms for free images for websites

As a future website owner, you have to do everything in your power to create a website that will attract modern Internet users. Internet users today have specific expectations when they are visiting a website. For instance, they want to have a great visual experience on the pages of any website. One of the ways to provide such experience is by using high-quality images. Some people may think that this is something that can be expensive and they are right. However, there’s a way to avoid the expenses and get memorable images for free. In this article, we will present a few online platforms where you can get free images for websites.


Unsplash is one of the most used online platforms for getting CC0 licensed images. This specific license allows users to download, use, edit and redistribute images for free without any restrictions. In addition to the fact that Unsplash is featuring hundreds of photos, their collection is updated every ten days with ten new high-res photos. From office and work to nature and technology, you can find all kinds of images on Unsplash.

Public Domain Pictures

As the name suggests, Public Domain Pictures is featuring public domain images which are completely free for personal and commercial purposes. This is an online platform where you will find high-quality images, but also many vectors and graphics. The site has separated the images into specific categories which make the research simpler.

Pickup Image

Users will find a long list of public domain images on Pickup Image. This website is easy to use and comes with a powerful search tool. Besides the images, you can also use it to find free graphics and clipart which many website owners and website designer will find useful.

Reusable Art

Reusable Art is a truly unique online platform because it comes with over 3000 vintage illustrations, drawings, and artworks. Of course, every images or illustration you will find here is a public domain image which means that you can use it in any way you please.


One of the best things about PDPics is the fact that you can easily browse through their large collection of free images and photos. This website is usually visited and used by bloggers who for some reason find the images on PDPics suitable for their blogs.

These are just some of the places where you can find free images for websites.